SNSI Advanced Freediver:
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Advanced Freediver

What will you learn and how you can start

Continue your freediving experience.

The SNSI Advanced Freediver course allow you to improve your breathing techniques, discover new freediving disciplines, such as the dynamic apnea without fins, and acquire new knowledge on deep dives, the breathing physiology and your body adaptations to freediving. You will also learn how to plan your dive sessions and the correct behaviors you should have while freedive. The course comprises four academic lessons, four pool sessions and four open water sessions.

With the SNSI Advanced Freediver course you will increase your performances.By the end of this course you will learn the correct techniques to do a static apnea of 2 minutes, a dynamic apnea with fins of 35 meters and without fins of 25 meters and a constant weight descent to a depth of 20 meters.

What equipment will you use

The equipment you will use in the SNSI Advanced Freediver course includes all the equipment you already used in the entry-level course. In addition, you will learn to use the safety equipment, such as the safety lanyard.

Educational materials for the course

You can choose to use the materials that you prefer. You can use the digital or hard-copy “Advanced Freediver Manual”. 

Who should take this course

If you are certified SNSI Freediver o equivalent by a recognized agency and are 15 years old, it is the moment to start your SNSI Advanced Freediver course, you will increase your performances and your experience and, moreover, you will have more fun underwater.

If you are an experienced freediver, but you never took a freediving course, you can directly access to the SNSI Advanced Freediver course. Your Instructor will ask you to reach the SNSI Freediver performances and evaluate the academic and practical integration you need.

Your next diving adventure

Now you are an advanced freediver, you can try the emotion to go a little bit deeper. Challenge yourself and have fun: start a new adventure with the SNSI Deep Freediver course.

Oppure sei pronto per il grande salto?

Puoi fare della tua grande passione una meravigliosa professione frequentando il Corso Preparatorio per Istruttori SNSI Freediving e cominciare la tua carriera professionale.