SNSI Deep Freediver:
Sfida te stesso.

Deep Freediver

What you learn and how you can start

Enter in a new Freediving dimension. You will discover that in order to reach greater depths, the right techniques, the concentration and the relaxation are fundamental. This course will help  you discover a part of yourself that you may not yet know, which allows you to feel completely at ease with the surrounding environment and, moreover, with yourself.

What equipment will you use

In addition to the basic Freediving equipment, your SNSI Freediving Instructor will introduce you to new gear, such as the monofin.

Ask your SNSI Freediving Instructor.

Your SNSI Instructor is best qualified to advise you on the selection and purchasing of the right equipment for your individual needs.

Education materials for the course

With SNSI you have the option to choose the materials in the format that best suits your life style. You can use the digital or the printed-copy of the “Deep Freediver Manual”.

Who should take this course

If you are certified SNSI Advanced Freediver or equivalent by a recognized agency, you are 18 years of age and you would like to take a new challenge, this is the right moment to enroll in the SNSI Deep Freediver course.

Your next diving adventure

Reach your peak! Now, with your knowledge and experience, you can become a top Freediver, taking the  SNSI Master Freediver course.

Or are you ready to take the next big step?

You can convert your great passion into a wonderful profession, take the SNSI Freediving Instructor Preparatory Course and begin your professional career!