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SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver:
Learn to dive in Different Environments.

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What You Will Learn and How You Can Start.

The SNSI advanced course trains and certifies you to dive to 130 feet / 39 meters.
SNSI is the only training agency that offers such a complete course. The first dive will fine tune your buoyancy. The second dive will focus on the use of the compass and natural navigation. The third dive will be a night dive which allows you to observe a different marine environment then the one we are accustomed to visit during daylight hours. The fourth dive will be a deep dive which will train you to plan and carry out a dive to a depth of 130 feet / 39 meters and additionally you will learn or further improve your skills in boat & drift diving.
The course requires a minimum of 5 academic sessions and 5 open water dives, you will learn everything you will need to become a certified SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver.

With SNSI You Will Become a Truly Advanced Diver.

The Scuba Equipment You Will Use.

The equipment you will use in your SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver  course includes the basic equipment needed to dive comfortably, the same as you used in the Open Water Diver program.  You will also use a Dive Compass for navigation and underwater flashlights during the night dives. Additionally, you will use a Reel to deploy a Safety Marker Buoy and further refine your ability in using the Dive Computer.

Ask your SNSI Instructor.

Your SNSI Instructor is best qualified to advise you on the selection and purchasing of the right equipment.

Using Quality Equipment Means More Comfort and Therefore, More Fun.

The Educational Materials for the Course.

The Training Material you will use in your SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver course may vary depending on your location and preferred method of learning:

  • The “Advanced Open Water Diver” manual, with study guides provides all the knowledge necessary to become an Advanced Diver.
  • The “Advanced Open Water Diver” video shows the in-water skills you will practice with your SNSI instructor.
  • The “App” for the Advanced Open Water Diver course is totally interactive and includes short video clips that make the learning process even easier.
  • The “Logbook” to document / log your training and dives.

The Best Training Tools at Your Disposal.

Who should take this course

If you are 15 years of age and you are certified SNSI Open Water Diver or equivalent by a recognized training agency you can enroll in the  SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver course.  Do not by pass the opportunity to participate in the SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver course.

If you are already certified in a Specialty, consult your SNSI Instrutor to learn how to receive credit and to become a certified SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver.

Enroll now and start learning right away, contact an SNSI Dive Center.

Your Next Diving Adventure

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Continue your training and become a diver qualified to perform recreational dives with decompression stops, with the SNSI Recreational Deco Diver course; you can also learn to dive using new equipment configuration with the SNSI Side Mount Diver course; become trained and certified to dive into wrecks with the SNSI Wreck Trek Diver course. You can train in Basic Life Support and First Aid as part of a requirement for the SNSI Rescue Diver course and become a truly self confident diver; with the SNSI Underwater Photography you will learn to capture underwater images and share them with your friends and family.