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Divemaster SNSI:
Dive Guide and Assistant Instructor.

Become a Dive Guide – Work as a Professional.

The SNSI Dive Guide is the first professional level within the SNSI system.

The SNSI Dive Guide is an excellent diver very familiar with the local underwater environment and has extensive knowledge of the waters, temperature variations and visibility and is committed to the protection of the local reefs and wrecks. The SNSI Dive Guide is very familiar with the local laws and requirements for SCUBA Diving. In addition he is master of navigation and certified in First Aid and Rescue.

The SNSI Dive Guide is  qualified to guide certified divers of all levels on none training recreational dives.

The course academic sessions and open water sessions are determined by the SNSI Dive Master Instructor based on the need and experience of the candidates. The materials for the course includes the Dive Guide manual.

Furthermore, the Dive Guide must be trained and certified in the particular dive specialties that he will be guiding divers. In addition the Dive Guide will be responsible for maintaining roll call and enthusiastically informing the divers of points of interest and how to maintain safety through briefings and debriefings.

With the SNSI Dive Guide certification you can convert your diving passion into a profession and work around the world as a Dive Leader guiding certified divers on none training dives.

Your SNSI Instructor is best qualified to advise you on the selection and purchasing of the best professional quality equipment.

What You Will Learn and How to Start.

The  SNSDivemaster  is qualified to perform the duties of a Dive Guide and those of an Assistant Instructor.
The SNSI Divemaster course is an integral part of the SNSI professional levels. As a Divemaster you will be able to guide certified divers in addition to assisting SNSI Instructors during recreational courses, in both the academic and practical sessions.  The course requires a minimum of 10 academic sessions and 5 sessions in open water. Furthermore, there is a required internship which consist of working closely with an SNSI Instructor during an entire Open Water Diver course.  Through the Divemaster program you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be certified as an SNSI Divemaster.

With the SNSI Divemaster certification you can convert your diving passion into a profession and work around the world as a Dive Leader or Assistant Instructor.

With SNSI the Sixth Continent Becomes Your Office.

Scuba Equipment You Will Use During the Program.

As an SNSI professional you will use only professional quality scuba equipment needed to dive comfortably, including a dive computer, a cutting tool, a surface signaling device with a reel / spool that can be launched from underwater. During the Divemaster program you will practice natural and compass  underwater navigation, as well as using underwater flashlights for night diving,  as well as the surface signaling device deployable from underwater for emergency response and all that is required to become a practicing SNSI Dive Leader.

Your SNSI Instructor is best qualified to advise you on the purchase of the required professional quality equipment

A Complete Course That Will Advance You to Assistant Instructor and a Competent Dive Guide.

The Educational Materials for the Course.

The Training Material you will use in your SNSI Divemaster course may vary depending on your area and your preferred method of learning:

  • The “Divemaster” manual with study guides and knowledge review questions will ensure the retention of the knowledge needed to become a Professional, available in printed and digital format.
  • Additional Material to enhance your learning experience, available in digital format.
  • The SNSI Manuals of previous courses, available in printed and digital format.
  • The SNSI Training App to review contents of previous courses.
  • SNSI Videos to review the performance of the skills and exercises.

The Best Educational Tools Available.

Who Can Take This Course.

Once you have completed the SNSI Rescue Diver course, you can enroll in the SNSI Divemaster program. As a Divemaster you will be able to guide Certified Divers in addition to assisting SNSI Instructors during recreational courses, in both the academic and practical sessions.

Enroll now and start learning right away, contact an SNSI Dive Center.

SNSI Professional, a Complete, Modern and Dynamic Individual.

Your Next Diving Adventure.

Upon the successful completion of the SNSI Divemaster course the candidate can directly enroll in the Instructor Preparatory Course to become one of the most respected elite Instructors in the dive industry.

An SNSI Instructor Trainer or Instructor Training Facility are best prepared to counsel you as to the best flexible career path tailored to your specific needs.

A Training System for the Third Millennium.