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SNSI Freediver:
Begin your new adventure.


What you will learn and how to start

Freediving is a wonderful sport which allows us to explore the ocean while finding inner peace.

With the SNSI Freediver course you will learn proper breathing techniques that will allow you to triple or even quadruple your current breath-holding time. The programs is comprised of four academic sessions, four pool sessions and two open water sessions. By the end of this course you will have learned the proper techniques to be able to realize a static apnea for 90 seconds, a dynamic apnea for 27 yds / 25 m and a constant weight descent to a depth of 33 ft /10 m.

What equipment you will use

Freediving does not require a lot of equipment, but the equipment you use should be designed specifically for Freediving which will in turn result in a more enjoyable experience. Your Instructor is best qualified to help you to choose the proper mask, fins, wetsuit and weight belt most appropriate for you.

Educational materials for the course

With SNSI you have the option to choose the materials in the format that best suits your needs. Digital or printed format of the “Freediver Manual”.

Who should take this course

Freediving is a sport that promotes physical and mental wellness.  You will be motivated to train which will increase your physical strength while discovering and enjoying inner peace.

Freediving requires concentration, control and skills. You will learn the relaxing techniques required to be able to approach your dives free from stress and physical tension. You will learn how to recognize subtle changes in your body and how to properly manage them. Furthermore, you will learn to visualize each single movements of your body and effectively execute the skills, without using excessive strength and conserve energy in the process.

Once you become a Freediver you will become one with the water.

The prerequisites for participating in the SNSI Freediver program are:

  • be a minimum of 12 years of age;
  • be in reasonably good physical condition and be able to swim;
  • You do not need any previous diving experience.

Your next diving adventure

There is an “ocean of fun” in front of you. Take the challenge and start a new adventure with the SNSI Advanced Freediver program and improve your limits.

You can learn the Basic Life Support and First aid skills by participating in the SNSI BLS First Aid course.