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SNSI Instructor Trainer:
Create New Instructors.

Training Future Instructors.

Assistant Trainer.

The relationship between the SNSI Assistant Trainer and the SNSI Instructor Trainer is similar to that of the SNSI Divemaster and the SNSI Instructor, who work together and help during the training of the SNSI Instructors. Participation in this program requires possession of an SNSI Divemaster Instructor certification, and consists of working alongside an SNSI Instructor Trainer during an entire Instructor Preparatory Course. The SNSI Assistant Trainer certification is a prerequisite for prior to applying for the SNSI Instructor Trainer Program.

Intructor Trainer.

The SNSI Instructor Trainer is one of the most important and distinguished professional levels, because in addition to being the person who develops the training of the SNSI Instructors and their specialties. The Instructor Trainer also participates in the SNSI Advisory Council and is active in the SNSI Training activities and decisions. The SNSI Assistant Trainer who has issued at least 200 SNSI certifications of any level and has participated in a full SNSI Instructor Preparatory Course IPC with an Instructor Trainer, can apply for participation in a SNSI Instructor Trainer program. SNSI Headquaters, will review the application and will determine the candidates qualifications to participate in the program.

Technical Intructor Trainer.

The SNSI Technical Instructor Trainer is an SNSI Recreational Instructor Trainer that is highly specialized in the Technical training diving field and is qualified to conduct training for candidates wishing to become SNSI TEK Instructors.
As Technical Diving continues to become more popular globally the need for SNSI TEK Instructors continues to consistently grow and the SNSI TEK Instructor Trainer is the best qualified to offer this training.