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Instructor SNSI:
Best Educational Tools.

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What You Will Learn and How You Can Start.

Once the candidate has successfully completed the SNSI Instructor Preparatory Course, he/she can participate in an Instructor Evaluation Program, this being the final step prior to obtaining the SNSI Open Water Instructor certification. The SNSI Instructor Evaluator, will evaluate your knowledge and the application of the SNSI system as well as your aquatic abilities and professionalism during the Evaluation program and determine your qualification to independently teach SNSI courses and certify students.

The following topics will be discussed  during the Instructor Preparatory Course program:

  • Course Overview, Orientation and Objectives;
  • SNSI Educational Philosophy, SNSI Educational System, SNSI Standards and Procedures;
  • Efficient communication techniques, How to teach in the classroom;
  • How to teach the SNSI Scuba Diver and the Open Water Diver programs;
  • How to develop and conduct Briefings and Debriefings;
  • Teaching in confined water, skills demonstrations;
  • How to teach the SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver Program and Specialties;
  • Organize and present an Open Water Diver Session;
  • How to teach the SNSI Rescue Diver Program;
  • How to complete and maintain training records;
  • How to teach the SNSI Divemaster course;
  • The Instructor and the Recreational Diving industry;
  • Marketing and selling techniques;
  • Selling continued education.

An ample familiarization with the SNSI Training System is the foundation for the Instructor Preparatory Course and your SNSI Instructor Trainer will guide you through a complete and rewarding learning experience – both academic and practical.

The SNSI Instructor is Trained and Qualified to Teach Courses from Open Water Diver, to Divemaster.

The Scuba Equipment You Will Use.

As an SNSI Instructor you must own and use professional quality scuba equipment in excellent condition, including a dive computer, a cutting tool, a surface signaling device with reel / spool that can be deployed from underwater. During the Instructor Preparatory Course (IPC) you will also practice the use of SNSI Cue-Cards and the Safety Rope while underwater to help you establish and maintain control of the students and other useful tools and tips for the practicing SNSI Instructor.

Your SNSI Instructor Trainer is best qualified to advise you on the purchase of the required professional level equipment.

An SNSI Instructor Must Always Use Professional Quality Equipment in Excellent Condition.

The Educational Material for the Course

The material you will use for your SNSI Instructor Preparatory Course can vary depending on your location and prefered method of learning:

  • The SNSI Instructor Guide for the SNSI Open Water Diver Course –  Digital and printed.
  • The SNSI Instructor Guide for the SNSI Advanced OWD Course – Digital and printed.
  • The SNSI Instructor Guide for the SNSI Rescue Diver Course – Digital and printed.
  • The SNSI Instructor Guide for the SNSI Divemaster Course – Digital and printed.
  • The SNSI Training Standards – Digital and printed.
  • The SNSI Instructor Workbook – Digital and printed.
  • Additional SNSI Material to enhance your knowledge, available in digital.
  • The SNSI Training Apps for reviewing the contents of the SNSI courses – Available for IOS, Android Smartphone and Tablet.
  • The SNSI Videos to review the correct execution of the in-water skills.

The Most Modern and Flexible Educational Tools Available.

Who Can Take This Course.

Once you have completed the SNSI Divemaster program, you can enroll in the SNSI Instructor Preparatory Course. As an SNSI Instructor you will make your dreams true and become a professional in the dive industry.

Enroll now and start learning right away, contact an SNSI Dive Center.

Make Your Dreams Come True, With the Best Job in the World.