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SNSI Master Freediver:
Improve your limit.

Master Freediver

What you learn and how you can start

Reach the maximum level as a Freediver!

Understand the changes that happen to your body when you Freedive, how your muscles will respond to the lack of oxygen and how to adapt to the physical change.

Learn the training methods, how to prepare your training programs and how to improve your techniques.

With the SNSI Master Freediver course, you will reach your peak performance. You will do static apnea of 3 minutes, you will do a dynamic apnea with fins for 82 yds / 75 m and without fins for 55 yds / 50 meters and you will reach a depth of 132 ft / 40 meters with a constant weight descent with fins.

Educational materials for the course

With SNSI you have the option to choose the materials in different formats that best meets your specific life style. You can use the digital or the printed format of the “Master Freediver Manual”.

Who should take this course

To enroll in this course, you should be certified SNSI Deep Freediver or equivalent by a recognized agency, be a minimum of 18 years of age and have the willingness and fortitude to improve your limits!

Your next diving adventure

This is the moment to convert your passion into a profession and teach other.

Enroll in the SNSI Freediving Instructor Preparatory Course and begin a new wonderful Freediving career!