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Preserve the Ocean,
Be sustainable.

Ocean Guardian

What you will learn and how to start

Become sustainable!

The Oceans are threatened worldwide by the human impact and if these activities do not change the damage will be irreversible. We need to act immediately and everyone can make the difference.

The SNSI Ocean Guardian course aim to convey to each individual the skills needed to actively and responsibly participate in the development of a sustainable society. Our lifestyle has an impact on the natural environment. During the SNSI Ocean Guardian course you will learn that your everyday actions, from your choices at the supermarket to the time that you spend taking a shower, including your behavior when you visit the sea, can affect the natural environment.

With the course, you will learn how to correctly behave not only to preserve the Oceans but also to restore them.

Educational materials for the course

You can choose the materials that best suits you preference. The materials are available in digital or hard-copy format “Ocean Guardian Manual”. 

Who should take this course

The main goal of SNSI Ocean Guardian course is to be available for everyone, in particular for the younger generations. No prior certification is required and the minimum age is 8 years old to participate in the course.

Your next diving adventure

Now that you discover how to take care of the Oceans, why do not discover them?

Choose the way that you prefer and enroll in the SNSI Open Water Diver or in SNSI Freediver!