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SNSI Rescue Diver:
Become Self Confident.

What You Will Learn and How To Start.


With the SNSI Rescue Diver course you will view diving from a different perspective: besides being self reliant you will now also become aware and know how to respond to other divers if an emergency arises!
The objective of the SNSI Rescue Diver course is to teach you the proper techniques in order to carry out a rescue or a self-rescue.
The program is divided into 3 academic sessions and 4 in-water sessions, through which you will become a more self confident diver: an SNSI Rescue Diver.

Become the Diver Everyone Wants as a Dive Buddy.

The Educational Materials for the Course.

The Training Materials you will use in your SNSI Rescue Diver course may vary depending on your area and your preferred method of learning:

  • The “Rescue Diver”manual, along with the study guides will teach you how to become a Rescue Diver.
  • The “Rescue Diver” video to will show you the in-water skills you will learn and practice with your SNSI Instructor.
  • The “Logbook” to document or log your training and your dives.

The Best Training Materials and Methods at Your Disposal.

Pre-requisites for this Course.

If you are 16 years of age or older and you are a certified SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver and have a valid SNSI BLS First Aid or posses an equivalent certification issued by a recognized training agency you can enroll in the  SNSI Rescue Diver program.  The SNSI Rescue Diver course is thet foundation for all serious divers that wish to advance their diving knowledge.

Sign up now and begin right away, find an SNSI Dive Center.

With SNSI Rescue Diver you Will Become a Naturally Self reliant and Comfortable Diver.