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Speciality Instructor SNSI:
Teach the SNSI Specialties.

Train Your Students at Their Own Pace.

With SNSI you have access to the best and most modern tools available to train your students at their own pace, by using our proven and  modern educational training system which is simple and practical. You, as an SNSI Instructor, are the perfect advisor to help your students choose the specialized courses that best meet their interests.

Basic Specialty Instructor

The SNSI Basic Specialties are: Hovering Diver, Night Diver, Boat & Drift Diver, Navigation Diver and Deep Diver. These specialties are also needed by the students to be certified as Advanced Open Water Diver. SNSI gives you the choice to teach the Advanced Open Water Diver course as an entire course or to divide it into sections and teach each specialty as an individual course. This is another way to be able to meet your student’s individual needs.

Once you are certified as an SNSI Open Water Instructor you can teach the Dry Suit Diver Specialty. After you have met the requirement of certifying 6 Open Water Diver students you will be able to apply to become an SNSI Advanced Intructor and teach all the basic specialties and the Advanced Open Diver Water course.

Teach the Basics to Becoming a Good Diver.

Recreational Nitrox Instructor

Becoming an SNSI Recreational Nitrox Instructor will allow you to teach your students about the advantages of breathing Oxygen enriched air during recreational dives: prolonging dive times and improving comfort.

The course pre-requisite is to have an SNSI Open Water Instructor certification, and consists of a seminar taught by your SNSI Instructor Trainer.

The SNSI Recreational Nitrox Instructor certification, in addition to enabling you to teach Nitrox courses, is an essential pre-requisite for teaching the SNSI Divemaster course and for participating in the SNSI Recreational Deco Instructor course and the SNSI TEK Instructor courses.

Teach the SNSI Recreational Nitrox Diver course.

Underwater Photography Instructor

The SNSI Underwater Photography Instructor program will allow you to teach your students the techniques and “tricks of the trade” for taking underwater images and sharing them with their friends and family.

The course pre-requisite is to posses an SNSI Open Water Instructor certification and attend a seminar taught by an SNSI Instructor Trainer who is certified to offer training and certification in the corresponding program.

Teach How to Capture Images and Share Them With Friends and Family.