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What You Will Learn and How You Can Start.

The Sixth Continent is waiting for you!
The SNSI Open Water Diver Course will teach you how to use your diving equipment and to dive with your dive buddy to a maximum depth of 60 feet / 18 meters, completely autonomously.
The course consists of 5 academic sessions, 5 pool (or confined water) sessions and 6 scuba dives in open waters. Through these sessions, you will learn everything you need to know in order to become an SNSI Open Water Diver.
SNSI is a unique training agency which offers you the opportunity to add two additional trainings to your diving certification: Dry Suit and Nitrox. With the Dry Suit option, you will use a Dry Suit during all your in-water sessions, both in the swimming pool and open waters, affording you sufficient practice to comfortably use it. With the Nitrox option, you will use nitrox in at least two open water scuba dives, thus experiencing first hand its utility and benefits

With SNSI Training, Comfort and Fun are Guaranteed.

What Scuba Equipment Will You Use.

The equipment you will use during the SNSI Open Water Diver course includes the basic scuba equipment, required to be comfortable during your scuba dives: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Regulator, Buoyancy Control Device, Air Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and Timer or a Dive Computer and a Tank. Wearing a Suit, Boots, Hood and Gloves will vary accordingly, depending whether you are diving in tropical, temperate or cold waters.

Ask your SNSI Instructor.

Your SNSI Instructor is best qualified to advise you on the selection and purchasing of the right equipment.

Using Quality Equipment Means More Comfort and More Fun.

Educational Materials for the Course.

The Training Materials you will use in your SNSI Open Water Diver course may vary slightly depending on your wishes and location:

  • The “Open Water Diver” manual,handbook and study guides required to learn all the knowledge necessary to become an independent diver.
  • The “Open Water Diver” video will show you the in-water skills that you will learn and perform with the guidance of your SNSI instructor.
  • The App SNSI MediaHub  is totally interactive and includes specific videos to further aid you with the learning process.
  • The Logbook to document or log your training and dives.
  • The SNSI Dive Tables allows you understand how to plan a dive.

The Best Training Tools at Your Disposal.

Who Should Take this Course

It is said that Scuba Diving is like flying.
One of the natural desires that humans have always tried to achieve.
Scuba diving is an awesome outdoors activity. 
With SNSI, you will learn that every marine environment is uniquely different. Every dive is a new adventure, and you will be able to enjoy each one of them or focus on the one that you find most interesting. Historic Wrecks, Deep Abysses, Reefs with their colorful Corals and its Inhabitants.
Scuba diving is social.
You will meet  and make many new friends with a common interest: a passion for the sea!
Diving allows you to be one with nature.
The silent underwater world is a priceless paradise, especially in todays age of deafening noise.
Diving is healthy.
You will discover that diving invigorates your physical dexterity, improves your breathing functions in addition to increasing your intellectual abilities and a lot more. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

If you enjoy the outdoors, like adventure, and sports that require physical and mental dexterity, the SNSI Open Water Diver course is for you. You can satisfy the curiosity about SCUBA or to learn more about the SNSI and our Dynamic, Modern Educational System.

The prerequisites for participation in the SNSI Open Water Diver course must be a minimum of 10 years of age , be in reasonably good physical condition and be able to swim. You do not need any previous diving experience. 

Enroll in an SNSI Open Water Diver course at your local  SNSI Dive Center.

Your Next Diving Adventure.

Now that oceans of fun and adventures awaits you. You can learn the Basic Life Support and First aid techniques by participating in the SNSI BLS First Aid course.
You can enhance your knowledge of Nitrox and dive with maximum comfort breathing Enriched Air with the SNSI Recreational Nitrox Diver course.
You can also continue your training towards becoming a truly advanced diver with the SNSI Advanced Open Water Diver course.