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Basic Life Support and First Aid.

The SNSI BLS and First Aid program will make you a socially responsible individual. Training you to help others in every day emergency situations and properly carry out a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).
Following the guidelines of AHA American Heart Association, the SNSI BLS and First Aid course is divided into two academic sessions and practical simulations with a CPR mannequin.
The purpose of the course is to properly train you (so that you retain the knowledge acquired) with the psycho-motor techniques needed to apply CPR ( cardio pulmonary resuscitation), you will also obtain information related to risk factors, life styles, the signs and proper response to survive and how to assist others.

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With the SNSI BLS You Gain Social Responsibility That Can Save a Life.

Oxygen Supplier.

The SNSI Oxygen Supplier program is designed specifically for diving emergencies and will train you to administer oxygen in the event of a diving emergency. You will become familiarized with the different and most common O2 units for administering oxygen and how to use them properly.

The  SNSI Oxygen Supplier course consists of an academic session and practice simulations.

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Knowing How to Respond in a Diving Emergency is Invaluable to Divers.