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SNSI Explorer Diver 1:
First Step into the World of Technical Diving.

-170 ft
-51 m

SNSI Explorer Diver 2:
Trimix for Deep Exploration.

-235 ft
-72 m

A World of Silence.

If you want a more intense diving experience and to widen your knowledge,
try the SNSI technical dive training.

You will apply all the concepts and skills learned during your technical training and become comfortable in the different environments and situations encountered by technical divers.
Our configuration is the simplest and the most reliable. You will gain expertise in dealing  with different diving scenarios.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Explorer Diver 1

The SNSI Explorer Diver 1 course will make you a technical diver, training you to dive to a maximum depth of 167 feet /51 meters, beyond the limits of the no-decompression curve. The decompressions are performed with the use of Nitrox and / or pure oxygen.

The course requires a minimum of 7 academic sessions and 4 open water dives through which you will learn the specific equipment configurations for technical diving, learn how to choose the best equipment; deepen your knowledge of diving physics and physiology; practice scenarios and discuss various theories of decompression using the recent model VPM, and you will learn to plan a technical diving through the use of computers and software.

At the end of the course you can make an optional dive and try Trimix and experience reduction of breathing efforts and the narcotic affects associated with the presence of Helium that replaces a portion of the Nitrogen.

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SNSI technical diving increases self confidence.

Explorer Diver 2

With the SNSI Explorer Diver 2 course you will complete your technical training and you will be able to dive beyond the limits of recreational diving. The course enables the use of Trimix mixtures, both normoxic to hypoxic, to a maximum depth of 235 feet / 72 meters, and you will perform decompression ascents using mixtures of  Triox , Nitrox and 100% oxygen.
The course requires a minimum of 2 academic sessions (for those who have the SNSI Explorer Diver 1 certification) or 5 academic sessions ( for those who have an equivalent certification ) and 4 open water dives.

Through the academic sessions you will learn the factors related with the use of helium, the use of mixtures of Trimix and planning dives with this mixture through the use of a computer and software.
With the in-water training you will learn how to properly assemble the necessary equipment and choose the best settings for the type of dive planned; learn the best mixtures using  Trimix and Triox, nitrox and pure oxygen for the ascents and decompression.

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Take this challenge. Go deeper.

Semi Closed Rrebreather Diver.

The SNSI SCR Basic Diver course will make you feel like a new diver, allowing you to dive to a depth of 40 meters (130ft) with a semi closed rebretaher.

The course requires a minimum of 5 academic sessions, 2 sessions in the pool or confined water and 4 open water dives through which you will increase your knowledge on physics and physiology; you will know the Space 40, its operation, its characteristics and differences with other rebreather. You will learn to plan and carry out diving with the Space 40, to demonstrate absolute peace and security in its use.

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If you want to experience total silence, or get closer to marine life: this program is for you!